Quokkababy Mei Carrier Light Grey
    Quokkababy Mei Carrier Light Grey
    Quokkababy Mei Carrier Light Grey
    Quokkababy Mei Carrier Light Grey
    Quokkababy Mei Carrier Light Grey

    Quokkababy Mei Carrier Light Grey

    With the Quokkababy Mei Carrier in Light Grey, enjoy the perfect combination of the simplicity of a carrier and the versatility of a mei tai. This baby carrier, made from certified organic cotton sling fabric, provides a soft and breathable carrying experience, ensuring comfort for both you and your baby. Adjustable and easy to use, this baby carrier adapts to your baby's growth from birth to 18 months, also offering optimal adaptability between carriers of different sizes.

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    Unique Benefits of the Quokkababy Mei Carrier for Comfortable and Safe Babywearing

    Discover the Mei Carrier Quokkababy in elegant Light Grey, a hybrid carrier that fuses the simplicity of a backpack with the comfort and flexibility of an evolving mei tai.

    Designed for maximum comfort and ease of use.

    The Quokkababy Mei Carrier is made with certified organic cotton sling fabric, consciously choosing the best material for your little one's comfort and respect for the environment.

    This fabric is remarkably soft and breathable, ensuring a comfortable and pleasant carrying experience, regardless of the temperature.

    Due to its adjustability and versatility, it adapts to the different stages of your baby's growth from birth to 18 months.

    In addition, its simple and efficient adjustment system makes it an ideal choice for parents of all complexions."

    Ergonomic Design

    Respects the physiological position of the baby and prevents hip dysplasia thanks to its M position.

    Easy and Precise Adjustment to the Baby

    Its simple adjustment system allows it to adapt in seconds to the size of the baby, from birth up to 15kg.

    Easy to Use

    The baby carrier for those who seek ergonomics without complications.

    Comfort and Adaptability

    Designed to adapt from day one, it features padding on the neck and behind the knees.

    Adjustments for Breastfeeding and Space

    Breastfeed easily thanks to fast adjustments that give you and your baby the space you need.

    Organic Cotton Wrap Fabric

    100% breathable Soft Organic Cotton Wrap Fabric keeps your baby cool and comfortable.

    Quokkababy Mei Carrier: Technical Information

    • Hybrid ergonomic design: Combines the best of a Mei Tai and a carrier for safe and comfortable babywearing from newborns to 18 months. Certified from 3.2 to 15 kg.
    • Made from 100% organic cotton sling fabric: providing softness and breathability to ensure maximum comfort for your baby, even on hot days.
    • Soft padding in contact areas: Offers greater comfort to your baby, with head and neck support during the first months of life.
    • Flexible and adaptable panel: Allows a custom fit to the size of your baby, promoting an ergonomic posture at all stages.
    • Endorsed with the "Hip Dysplasia" certification by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute.
    • 2 carrying positions: Ideal for front carrying and occasionally on the hip, adapting to the needs of each moment.
    • Padded and short straps: Distribute weight evenly for maximum carrier comfort. Its straps are more manageable and do not drag, facilitating its use.
    • Adjustable and easy-to-manage hood: Protects the baby from the sun and wind, and provides privacy during breastfeeding.
    • Simple adjustment system: Its design allows for quick and comfortable adjustment with a click. Adaptable for different body types.
    • Complies with European safety regulations: Your peace of mind is our priority, so we guarantee the safety and well-being of your baby.
    • Includes a transport bag for the stroller: Allows you to comfortably hang it from the stroller handle, ready to use at any time.

    Detailed View of the Mei Carrier Light Grey in Action

    Technical details of the Quokkababy Mei Carrier

    Characteristics of the Quokkababy E carrier ergonomic carrying backpack in which the technical characteristics detailed
    WeightFrom 3.2 to 15 kg
    Recommended Age0 to 18 months
    Recommended Height52-80 cm
    Belt Length60-135 cm
    Strap Length160 cm
    Panel Width15 cm - 37 cm
    Panel Height22 cm - 41 cm
    Carrier Size2XS-2XL

    Guides and Tutorials for Quokkababy Mei-Carrier

    Access our detailed instructions in PDF format and our educational videos to familiarize yourself with the proper adjustment and safe use of your Quokkababy Mei Carrier.

    Click here to explore all available guides and tutorials!

    Composition and Care of Quokkababy Mei-Carrier Light Grey

    The Quokkababy Mei Carrier is made from 100% organic cotton wrap fabric.

    Its maintenance is easy: we recommend hand washing or delicate cycle in the washing machine with cold water and neutral detergent when necessary, and always air dry.

    Avoid the use of bleach or dryers to preserve the longevity and vibrant shades of your Mei Carrier Light Grey. Proper care ensures that your baby carrier will accompany you for many years of babywearing!

    What's in the box?

    Your new Quokkababy Mei Carrier comes equipped with everything you need for comfortable and safe babywearing.

    It includes detailed instructions in 14 languages, ideal for learning to handle and adapt your Mei Carrier.

    It also incorporates a useful zippered bag, perfect for hanging your baby carrier on the stroller and having it always ready for any adventure. Embark on the babywearing experience with Quokkababy!

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