Love and Carry Ergonomic Wrap - Masala
    Love and Carry Ergonomic Wrap - Masala
    Love and Carry Ergonomic Wrap - Masala
    Love and Carry Ergonomic Wrap - Masala
    Love and Carry Ergonomic Wrap - Masala
    Love and Carry Ergonomic Wrap - Masala

    Love and Carry Ergonomic Wrap - Masala

    Made of 100% organic cotton

    VAT included

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    Discover the Softness of Modal Fabric in Babywearing

    The Stretch Wraps from Love & Carry are an excellent choice for families looking for an easy-to-adjust, soft, and breathable babywearing wrap, thanks to a key feature: its innovative fabric.

    Modal fabric has become a benchmark in the world of babywearing, especially for its unmatched softness. But what makes this material so exceptional?

    Fular Elástico de Porteo Love and Carry tejido modal ideal para porteo en verano
    portabebes mei tai evolutivo fidella flytai toddler

    Modal Fabric: A Japanese Innovation in Softness

    Originating from Japan, modal fabric is a revolution in the textile industry. Made from beech tree pulp, this sustainable material offers unparalleled softness and exceptional durability. Its low environmental impact manufacturing process and biodegradability make it an eco-friendly option for conscious babywearing.

    Breathability and Lightness for Babywearing

    Modal fabric is not only soft but also lightweight and breathable. Its ability to allow excellent air circulation makes it an ideal choice for warm climates and extended babywearing.

    If you are looking for a stretch wrap for babywearing in summer or warm climates, the Love & Carry modal wrap is an excellent choice.

    Technical Features of Love & Carry Stretch Babywearing Wrap

    • Ergonomic Design: This modal wrap promotes an ergonomic "M" position for healthy hip development of the baby and respects the natural curvature of their back.

    • Weight and Age Range: Suitable for babies from newborns up to approximately 6 months of age, with a weight range from 3.5 kg to 12 kg.

    • Dimensions of the Wrap: With a length of 4.5 meters and a width of 0.55 meters, this wrap is recommended for carriers in sizes XS / S / M / L.

    • High-Quality Material: Made with 100% modal fabric, this wrap is soft, sustainable, and eco-friendly, making it the ideal choice for summer due to its lightness and breathability.

    • Ease of Use: It can be easily pre-tied, providing safe and comfortable babywearing with additional support for the baby's head and neck.

    • Compliance with Standards: Complies with the European safety standard CEN/TR 16512

    • Self-folding case at the end of the wrap.
    fular elastico ergonomico love and carry con detalle de la postura en M del bebé
    pañuelo de porteo love and carry con detalle de la posicion en la espalda del porteador
    bolsa para guardar del fular elastico love and carry
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