Fidella Fusion Baby Carrier | Chevron Walnut
    Fidella Fusion Baby Carrier | Chevron...
    Fidella Fusion Baby Carrier | Chevron...
    Fidella Fusion Baby Carrier | Chevron...
    Fidella Fusion Baby Carrier | Chevron...

    Fidella Fusion Baby Carrier | Chevron Walnut

    The Fidella Fusion Baby Carrier is the ideal choice for parents looking for an ergonomic and evolving baby carrier from birth to 15 kg (approximately 12-18 months).

    Made of organic fabric, it is soft and breathable and gentle on the baby's skin. Its adaptable design has straps that can be configured in two positions and a panel adjustment system on four sides, guaranteeing an ergonomic position at all times. In addition, it facilitates breastfeeding and is certified for baby's hip health, this carrier is the carrying solution that adjusts to your baby's growth and development.

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    The Fidella Fusion Baby backpack is an ergonomic and evolutionary baby carrier, made from 100% organic cotton wrap fabric.

    • Evolutionary ergonomic baby carrier
    • Material: Made from organic cotton wrap fabric.
    • Recommended age: From newborn (56 cm and 3 kg) up to 12 - 18 months and a maximum weight of 15 kg (approximately 74 cm).
    • Carrying positions: Front and back. Allows for cross-strapping, so it can also be used for hip carrying.
    • Exact Size Adjustment: Adjustable panel on all four sides for a precise and very ergonomic fit.
    • Respects the curvature of the spine: Two strap positions, which adapt to the curvature of the baby's back at each stage.
    • Reinforced straps for optimal weight distribution.
    • Hood to protect the baby from the sun or support the head.
    • Complies with European safety standard ASTM F2236-16a (US).


    Washing: delicate program and low temperature. Do not use a dryer.


    The Fidella Fusion Baby backpack adapts to almost all builds, from XS (Size 34) to XXL (Size 56).

    Frequently Asked Questions

    If my baby is over 3 months old, is it advisable to choose the Fidella Fusion Baby or Toddler?

    If your baby is within average weight and height percentiles, we recommend choosing the Fidella Fusion Toddler as it will give you a greater range of use. On the other hand, for premature or low-weight babies, the Fidella Baby allows us to close the panel more tightly.

    When can I carry my baby on my back with the Fidella backpack?

    We recommend waiting until the baby can sit up alone, as this will make it easier to switch to back carrying.

    It is most common to carry them on the back once they can walk, although we can do it sooner if our baby demands it.

    Keep in mind that carrying the baby in front allows us to establish eye contact with them. Conversely, in the back carrying position, the baby is more entertained, and we can have our hands free to do many everyday tasks.

    Back carrying allows for a more comfortable weight distribution across the carrier's body, making it most advisable for carrying larger babies over long periods.

    It is also important to consider the height of the carrier: if the baby limits our field of vision when we carry them in front, it is advisable to carry them on the back.

    Can I use the Fidella Fusion Baby backpack in the summer?

    Fidella backpacks are made from very breathable organic cotton wrap fabric, suitable for warm climates and summer.


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