Cobertor  de porteo Wombat & Co.
Cobertor  de porteo Wombat & Co.
Cobertor  de porteo Wombat & Co.
Cobertor  de porteo Wombat & Co.
Cobertor  de porteo Wombat & Co.
Cobertor  de porteo Wombat & Co.
Cobertor  de porteo Wombat & Co.
Cobertor  de porteo Wombat & Co.

All Weather Cover Wombat

Wombat all-weather cover! Made of the same water repellent and wind resistant technical fabric than the Wallaby and Bandicoot coats, this cover will protect your baby in the chilly mornings.
Only one size, adjustable strings to grow with your baby, our all-weather cover is good up to 0° degrees!

VAT included

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The Wombat & Co. London all-weather babywearing cover is ideal to keep your little one warm in winter.

With this sling cover, you and your partner can both enjoy babywearing your child, as this babywearing cover is adaptable with most – if not all!- ergonomic babywearing carriers and slings in the market, thanks to its 3 adjustment positions. And you can keep using your favourite coat with it.

With the Wombat babywearing cover, you need to wear your coat over your carrier (wearing a carrier on top of a coat it’s not idea, as it’s uncomfortable and can’t be adjusted well) and then, you can wear your cover on top. 


You can wear the babywearing cover when you are babywearing your little one in front of you or when you are wearing him on your back.


The straps on top attach to your ergonomic carrier (carrier, mei tai or sling). The central panel has an adjustable system through strings that ensure the cover adapts to the size of your little one, allowing the babywaring cover to be used from birth until the last stages of babywearing. 


The babywearing cover has an adjustable hoodie that allows an optimum adjustment to the baby’s head. It also comes with a frontal pocket that will keep your hands warm

Benefits of the babywearing cover


Thanks to the double fabric, with the Wombat babycover, your baby will stay warm and comfortable whenever you want to babywear. You can use the carrir or sling you want and your favourite coat with it.

The outer fabric is similar to the babywearing coat WALLABY; which means is breathable, transpirable and water repellent, ideal for cold winters. The interior layer is padded, so your baby’s natural heat is preserved.


If you babywear your little one with our babywearing cover, we’d recommend you put a hat and warm socks on your baby, as that’s the area where babies tend to lose body heat.


With our babywearing cover, you can adjust quickly to your baby’s body temperature. In winter, your baby has to face very dramatic changes of temperature; as it’s usually very cold in the street, but quite warm and cozy indoors. Removing the cover, your baby won’t be too warm inside places, and you don’t need to wake him up to undress her or take her from outside of your sling. 

Technical specs

  • Outer fabric: 100% polyester, water repellent



  • Inner fabric: 100% polyester.



  • Two positions: front babywearing and back babywearing



  • Colour: black.



  • Others: hoodie, exterior pocket to keep your hands warm, fully adjustable to the baby’s size.
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